Visitors find a gentle, contemplative solitude among the ancient trees

Natural Woodland. Trees are left where they have fallen encouraging the natural emerging of flora and fauna on the forest floor

Magical Nature flourishes undisturbed on the fallen trees

In the clean air, soft mosses coat the trees, some so rare that visiting botanists couldn't identify them

Clear water flows down from the Wicklow hills, filling the natural Plunge Pool... for those who dare!

Ancient Trees

Ancient Trees stand sentinel around the Lodge, filtering sunlight, holding the history of the land.

Woodland Walks. The Lodge's deciduous wood is nestled in miles of forestry, there are rambles through the woods and up the hills in every direction.

"The woods are lovely dark and deep…" Robert Frost

Fire Circle

The Fire Circle under the trees offers opportunities for ceremony and ritual or for camaraderie and connection under the stars

Winter wonderland

There is nothing more magical than watching, from the warmth of the Panoramic Group Room, the dark green of the forest transform to white